Ohio State Testing Information for Parents

Participation Policy

Ohio law requires public school districts and community schools to administer the state assessments assigned to each student’s enrolled grade level or course, regardless of the student’s time in Ohio public schools. There is no process allowing parents and/or students to indicate their choices to not participate in state testing. Schools must account for and report any student who did not participate in a required state test.

Tips and Information

On this page, you will find several resources to guide teachers and families to prepare students for Ohio State Assessments.   You will find references, sample test questions, test blueprints, and more. Simply click on the links to access guidance documents or links to ODE's Website.

OST Test-Taking Tips, English

OST Test-Taking Tips, Spanish

 OST Testing Checklist

Testing Times for Ohio State Tests,

Family and Student Testing Tips

Check out
YCSD's OST Resource Matrix

Try the sample test items at: OST  Student Practice Site

Ohio Test Resource Book 2023-2024

Ohio State Tests Given

YCSD State Testing Schedule

testing schedule

For more information, please reach out to someone in the Teaching and Learning Department