Youngstown City Schools Social Workers

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*All phone numbers begin with 744

Supervisor of Social Services
Dr. Martin Freeman

Wilson Alternative & Virtual Academy

Jacqueline Brown Ext. 6131

High School

Chaney High School
Tracey Boyd Ext. 7723
Taylor Cherol Ext. 3272

Choffin CTC
Mary Boyd Ext. 6980

East High School
Ronnie Hunter Ext. 4178

Christine Chrestay Ext. 7105

Middle School

Chaney Middle School
Bree Hunter Ext. 5291

East Middle School
May Samad Ext. 8126

Judy Hawkins Ext. 3622

Elementary School

Harding Elementary
Shelly Rust Taylor Ext. 2721

Kirkmere Elementary
Sparkle Scissum Ext. 3320

MLK Jr. Elementary
Tracey Blakely Ext. 5116

Paul C. Bunn Elementary
Lareane Nuby Ext. 5477

Taft Elementary
Rachel LoCicero Ext. 7973

Volney Elementary
Danta Yanno Ext. 5533

Social Workers at Youngstown City Schools provide essential support to all scholars across the district. Our licensed social workers have expertise in areas such as counseling and crisis intervention and continuously participate in professional development. Social workers create a safe and inclusive environment to help meet the needs of scholars to promote positive outcomes and academic achievement.

Resource Links

Crisis Lifeline
988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Q&A

Help Network of Northeast Ohio

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