Home Education

Parents and caregivers have the opportuntiy to educate their scholars in the manner they see best fit. "Home education" means the education of a child, between the ages of six and eighteen years of age, that is directed by the child's parent. "Home education" does not include education provided to a child who is enrolled full time in a public or chartered nonpublic school as defined by Ohio Revised Code (ORC 3321.04).

In October of 2023 ORC updated their policies regarding home education. Within five calendar days after commencing home education, moving into a new school district, or withdrawing from a public or nonpublic school, and by the thirtieth day of August each year thereafter, the parent or guardian of a child receiving a home education shall transmit a notice to the superintendent of the child's school district of residence. The notice shall provide the parent's name and address, the child's name, and an assurance that the child will receive education in the subject areas required under this section. The child's exemption under this section is effective immediately upon receipt of notice. The district superintendent shall provide a written acknowledgment of the superintendent's receipt of the notice to the parent or guardian not later than fourteen calendar days after receiving the notice. A child exempt under this section shall not be required to be excused under section 3321.04 of the Revised Code.

Parents who will be homeschooling according to the definition above can access the most up to date Letter of Intent.

The Ohio Department of Education has information and resources including but not limited to networks for families, Please click here for  ODE information.

If you have questions please contact Tiffany Varney at Tiffany.Varney@youngstown.k12.oh.us or call 330-744-8719.

Letters of intent can be mailed to: 474 Bennington Ave c/o Tiffany Varney Youngstown Ohio 44505 or emailed to tiffany.varneu@youngstown.k12.oh.us

Please see our district Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Is Virtual or Online School the same as Home Education?

No, Many parents think that online schools fall into the category of home education; this is NOT true. In Ohio, online schools are considered are internet based community schools (e-schools) or district operated online learning schools. If you are a parent interested in YCSD Virtual Learning please contact Wilson Alternative School at (330) 744-8002.

When are Letters of Intent accepted?

July 1st to August 30th of the current year, unless a student meets another qualifier for approval outside of that window.

Do I need to provide curriculum or assessment material each year?

No, ORC changed its requirements and families who are home educating no longer have to provide assessment data or curriculum information. Just the letter of intent with the required information. All policies can be found by clicking this link Home Education ORC 3321.04.

Do I have to submit a letter each year?

Yes, the State of Ohio requires that a family MUST submit a letter of intent to home educate each year they intend to do so by August 30th.

When do I fill out and what is change of placement documentation?

A family will fill out a change of placement form (this is mailed with the cumpulsary attendance letter) when they are going to enroll their child(ren) back into Virtual, online, or a brick and mortar school.

Who issues grades, report cards, and diplomas?

ORC allows families to issue all documents related to their child's grades, report cards, and diplomas. A letter of acknoledgement is mailed each year from the Office of the Superintendent and should be kept by families as records from the district of residence.

If I live in another school district can I home educate through YCSD?
No, families will submit their letter of intent must be mailed to the school district you reside within.